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Delhi Metro is a fitting example of true socialistic EQUALITY !

Delhi Metro: A fitting example of socialistic EQUALITY,
worth imitating in every sphere of country governance!

Providing true socialistic equality to everyone, and every class of people in governance  indeed is a confusing task for every political visionary. Hence, it has ended up in offering EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to every one; a status quo that had prevailed in all the primeval societies in the jungle days ! 

Those who could compete with his next best contender, with whatever advantage one has, whether it is physical power or the assistance of institutionalized political power in modern societies, or money power, he could come out as the FIRST AMONG THE EQUALS. The sanctity of the original principle of EQUALITY was justified this way. But the end result of such concepts of EQUALITY is in front of us; it merely ensured the survival of the fittest and the strongest in society, the old jungle time paradigm. This was the one condition that every civil society in history wanted to eradicate from the mainstream life by the introducing civil society rule. The entire civilizational effort of mankind so far also was to liberate human society from this calamity( rule of the strong) that primeval societies suffered from.

The task of establishing at least a namesake system of true EQUALITY in actual life has not been met with any success so far, except in the above remedy of  offering EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY !

But DELHI METRO RAIL ( The newly introduced Tube) have shown a true example of socialistic equality in principle as well as in practice, by running an 'ALL CITIZENS ARE EQUAL'  travel management system : the haves and the have nots share an equal space  that is adequate for up-keeping the sense of dignity of all economic classes. While the have nots now enjoy the respect of  travelling in all AC rail coaches, something he had never received from the establishment so far, the haves also do not find any reason to complain, as the scheme and facilities are simply world class !

The otherwise notorious Delhi residents for their indiscipline and lack of respect for law have now shown to the world that, how citizens could suddenly turn a well mannered lot when due respect is given to their individual dignity. The fully air-conditioned, clean ambience of the Metro( Tube) interiors, and the equally world class arrangements and system at the Metro stations  indeed transformed the very outlook of Delhi residents towards their lives ! It evidently shows that such gestures of EQUALITY and governmental respect for the dignity of the life of citizens could bring-in instant changes in the life and outlook of the men in every part of the country.
Thus, Delhi Metro can said to be the BEST EXAMPLE of TRUE SOCIALISTIC EQUALITY  that every  socialistic country could emulate in every aspect of country governance.

Where else could government bring forth similar changes in order to spread the message of Socialistic EQUALITY ?

Five star Hotels, and the inherent inequality in its culture:  Why shouldn’t our socialistic republic think of having Delhi Metro type, decent, elegant, similarly priced, EQUAL  Hotel rooms culture in the country ?

The way Delhi Metro management have resisted the idea of having upper classes and lower classes in the trains, Hotel industry could also emulate a similar revolution in the industry, if the government is willing to buy the idea on a larger scale.

As Rousseau distinctly and clearly wrote, the only contentment that the rich enjoy over that of his fellow poor men is the feeling that he is better of than them ! Take away the wretchedness of the poor, and this contentment of the rich would end, he wrote. 

So, why should a socialist democratic republic like India encourage the five star 
culture ? Why not our great country initiate a Delhi Metro type Hotel culture in the country, banning Hotel construction and accommodation beyond a certain price ceiling? Such a step, basically a ceiling on the creation of luxury in every field beyond a certain limit, would naturally set-equality mission on the go. 

There should be a ban on every product and service that is beyond the reach of ordinary citizens ! 

Similarly, the economy class and business class difference in our air travel industry could easily be brought to a Delhi Metro like equality model.

Then come the car manufacturing industry: it is one of the glaring area of inequality that every rich man wanted to grab, show-off and enjoy its special status. A true democratic, socialistic-will of the planners could easily bring in luxury-restrictions in this field, and bring forth Delhi Metro like revolutionary lessons of EQUALITY.

In the housing sector too, government could bring in rules prohibiting construction of houses beyond a certain cost-ceiling. 

Thousands of similar products ( such as footwear, apparels, household utility items,medical facilities etc) and services could be brought under similar luxury level ceiling, so that no one would have opportunity to show-off one's upper class-economic status in society. The best products and services in the world should be made in the affordable cost-level of every citizen in the world. No product or service should be permitted if meant, cost-wise, only to a certain high-economic class !

Such a concept of equality might appear blasphemous for modern capitalistic ears, but a future equal world could be formed only on the above lines. 

Every government in the world would be able to save this way, infinite quantum of national wealth that was previously spent on creating special products and services for the ultra rich. Such saved wealth could be used for creating Delhi Metro Model products and services, affordable by every citizen. 

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Authored by : Conscience of the society- a philosophic non-profit 

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